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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do the Friends of the James Farm (FOTJF) own the James Farm Historical Site in Clay County Missouri?

A. Clay County, Missouri owns the James Farm and Museum and operates it as a historical site. The FOTJF only promotes interest in the site and the time period it represents.

Q. Does the FOTJF put on the Jesse James Festival in Kearney Missouri in September each year?

A. The Jesse James Festival is hosted by a separate committee, however the FOTJF usually has a booth at the fairgrounds.  

Q. Does the FOTJF advocate theft, robbery or criminal acts perpetrated by the James-Younger Gang or the later James Gang?  

A. The FOTJF only promotes the study of history, focusing on the tragic and colorful events of the Border War and it's aftermath. This including the post war activities Frank and Jesse James. We leave moral and ethical judgements up to you.

    The James Farm                                                                  Friends of the James Farm
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    Kearney, Missouri 64060                                                        Kearney, Missouri 64060 
    Phone: 816-736-8500                                                           
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