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Officers and Directors

The FOTJF Board exists to assist the entire organization & all of its members. We are interested in promoting research & an understanding of History of the 1800s in general, the Civil War & the part that it played in the lives of everyone who lived through those tough times. We also want you to know more about Jesse James, his family & associates, & perhaps understand why the man was who he was. The FOTJF is here to assist you in your search for history, its meaning & the significance that this colorful period of history has had on so many to this day. 

The Board of the FOTJF meets quaterly. 

Board of Directors

  • Bryan Ivlow, President
  • K. B. Makel, Vice President
  • Vivie Tison Treasurer, Secretary
  • Pam Banner
  • Monte Griffey
  • Paul Weller
  • Martin McGrane
  • Scott Cole
  • Laura Ganschow Dellinger

 Newsletter Editor

  • Michelle Pollard

 Honorary Board Members

  • Janet Perry
  • George Warfel
  • Betty Barr
  • Michelle Pollard

 Ex Offico Member

  • Elizabeth Beckett

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